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Well, making a DIY male sex toy in the form of a fake vagina (or anus) from household items isn’t the most braggable exploit, but if you’re dead-set on solo pleasure without breaking the bank ...

7 (PROVEN) DIY Homemade Fleshlight Making Methods [2021]

Here’s how to make a homemade Fleshlight out of a sock: Take 2 pairs of socks and stack them next to each other side-to-side. Fold the toes of the socks so that the folds face the floor. Put the glove on one pair of socks with the cuff on the folded side, facing away from them, and sticking out around 2 inches.

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Learn how to clean a Fleshlight. Fleshlight and Male Sex Toy Deals, Discounts and Coupons: Fleshlight and other male sex toy deals, discounts, and coupon codes. Save money with always up-to-date deals. All discounts are tested to work. Learn how to buy a Fleshlight at a discount.

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Homemade sex toys are a cheap and simple alternative that can be fun to make, interesting to use, and much cheaper than a Fleshlight. In this article, I’m going to go over six different options for DIY Fleshilghts and how they compare to the real Fleshlight.

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Take 2 hot water bottles and fill them with hot water (duh!). Place a latex glove between the two hot water bottles and make a “sandwich” with them. Now simply duct tape the hot water bottles together, put some lube inside the glove, and enjoy a warm Fleshlight sex toy!

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We get it: sex toys are expensive. If you're looking to make a pocket pussy out of household items, we rounded up the best DIY Fleshlight videos online.

17 Homemade Fleshlight Ideas: Weird?...Yep. Effective?...Yep

How to Make Your Own Fleshlight. Seriously, who makes their own sex toys? Please! Men have been creating makeshift sex toys since time immemorial. The first sex dolls (Dutch Wives and Dames de Voyage) were created by bored and lonely sailors using nothing more than rope and sewn up cloth.

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19. This is a picture tutorial of how to make your own homemade Fleshlight male sex toy. All it requires is some starch, a cup, a stick, a microwave, and a refrigerator. But, PROTIP: don't get hasty and try using the thing immediately following the microwave step. That's how embarrassing ER visits happen.

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